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Friday, May 16, 2014

Like Here, Only Different ~ Day 3b Zennor to Pendeen Watch

Zennor to Pendeen Watch,  7 miles:  Zennor , Pendeen Lighthouse at Pendeen Watch , Geevor Tin Mine.  Tonight I am staying at The Old Manse and dinner is at the North Inn

Last night, after dinner I revisited the church and graveyard.  So quiet and peaceful.

Way over the way I could hear owls calling.  By the time it was dark and I was tucked in bed, an owl was in the churchyard hooting away.  It was a rough night of aching kneecaps and vivid, nightmarish dreams.

At breakfast, we all agreed that yesterday's walk was hellish.  Today, I go 7 miles again but the rumor is that it is easier.  I started with one of my precious Advil and a modified FryUp.

The way was much easier.  The path was softer and there were many stretches of good path where you could really stride out.

And the views were spectacular.

The map this day comments more on boggy or rocky ground than spots of special views or historic value.   The rocky cliff is actually the location of a prehistoric "fort" Bosnigran

All along the way there were ruined building's and rock walls that showed this area under agricultural use way back.  This gent had the finest campsight I have seen in some time

The way was filled with old ruins of mine works.  This sign was a little more detailed than the falling off the cliff icon of the other day.

Ruins popped up out of nowhere.  You could see the all along the hilltops on the horizon.

This beauty is Cove Cottage.  It hangs on the cliff and is really in the middle of nowhere.  You can rent it.  There is a sandy beach below.

Today the flowers of abundance, along with the bluebells and champion of yesterday, were yellow Primrose and Spring Squill, a tiny lily family member.  Carpets of them.

I made great time.  I had a nice sit down at lunchtime and a slow walk and chat with a local woman.  She was doing a bird survey.

I don't think these were the birds she was looking for.

The lighthouse at Pendeen Watch is the end-point of the Coast Path part.  I had another sit down and considered my options.  I had a hankering for ice cream, but the ice cream vendor was not at the lighthouse

I considered the mine and decided I would go up through the complex, which takes me right to my lodgings. Tin and copper mining have been an active concern on the coast since the iron and bronze age.  The old ruins of the mine remain and the modern mine is now a museum and education center.

This is a waterwheel which drove machines that crushed rock.

The Geevor Mine.  http://www.geevor.com/

I passed through the bookstore on the way through the property.  I found two little books, one a Flowers of Cornwall.

This is my puzzle flower of the day.  I thought it was betony but a kind reader tells me it is Orchis mascula, Early Purple Orchid.  When I originally looked at it I thought orchid, but it was a tired raggidy example and when I tried to compare my camera picture and the book I wavered.  I see now where I went wrong with the basic arrangement of the flowers on stem.

Further inland the village of Pendeen, The Old Manse  is my bed for the night.

The North Inn for dinner.  This award winning pub is known for its curry.  I can tell you the reputation is earned.  The chicken and apricot curry was good, the lime pickles packed a whallop.  Rattler Cider, the perfect compliment.  I was advised to watch for this cider.


My knees are feeling much better this afternoon.  Spice will help I am sure.

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  1. Hello,
    the puzzle flower actually loooks like "Orchis mascula", the early purple orchid to me. Quite the showy orchids.