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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Like Here, Only Different ~ Day 6 Sivergues to Saignon

Buoux to Sivergues  then on to Saignon
10Km 4 hours Gain 450m Descent 350m

Leaving at 900 I head out for Sivergues the highest village in the Luberon, population 39. This was , again, a Waldensian village with excellent defenses.  The translation of the town name mean "six virgins".  It is said the town was founded by six virgins and a monk.

On my way I follow a river which is the only permanent water course in the Leuberon.  It is good to hear water and be on the type of forest tracks I know.

Heading up to the hamlet I pass by abandoned terrace farms.  The place is quiet and the door of the little chapel is open allowing a peek in.

Heading out for the first of the lavender cultivation areas  Sadly the flowers bloom later in the summer.  My track kept me in woods which separate lavender fields and truffle oak plantations.  Finally I reach a road and swing round a bend...

The hamlet of Roscaliere.  This house was built right into the cliff face.  Back into the woods and dowhill to another road.

I am here

Saignon is dominated by a huge rockface and there is an old fort built into the top

There is a 12th century church and I arrived in time for an omelet lunch on a patio opposite.  I just walked through the narrow streets.

I climbed up to Bellevue ,the old fort top and took in the country side. Apt is just a stones throw away.

Tonight and tomorrow I am staying at La Pyramid.


There is a pool, yet again and a beautiful terrace overlooking the valley plains of Apt north to Mt Ventoux.  The pool is cold, the sky is hazy and there is a sleepy kitty on the garden wall.

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  1. A perfect way to end a good day.

    I am really enjoying this and am learning quite a bit Marti. Like reading a travel travel book.....which this is.