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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Like Here, Only Different ~ A Wee Diversion

When making plans for this holiday I chatted about traveling with a co-worker.  She and her husband were planning a trip to London and Paris and told me they were flying Iceland Air.  She mentioned that one could lay-over in Reykjavik with no additional charge on the airfare.  When I checked it out the round trip fare was certainly a great deal on its own, the opportunity to have a brief visit even more so.

So here I am, landed in the afternoon and able to have a full day tomorrow with an exciting tour of the Golden Circle.  I am staying right near the center of town in the shopping district.  Center Hotel Klopp


I have my priorities.  My first is finding a nice Icelandic sweater.  Icelandic Handknit Society is two blocks away.  So many items labeled Icelandic may be made of Iceland wool and in traditional patterns, but they are knit in far off places rather right here by traditional hand knitters.  Like the sweater I picked up last Summer at Swaledale Woolens, I am looking for a sweater I can wear for years to come.  I could only window shop today as my flight out of London was an hour late.  There is ample time if we get in from tour early enough tomorrow, or Monday first thing.

I took the opportunity to simply walk around and look at the interesting architecture and view some of the outdoor art.  I was dismayed by how much graffiti there is.  Senseless.  Many buildings are painted in bright colors or fronted with colored aluminum.

This pretty house had a nice yard and it had bird feeders and water feature.  Highly unusual and right in the center of the busy shopping neighborhood.  I was excited to see a blooming flower related to or checker lily.  Of course I oriented my camera incorrectly.

I took a walk around.  It is pretty windy and gray with sprinkles.

Along the harbor this viking boat sculpture.

In the harbor Coast Guard and industry ships of all types

The abstract Harpa Concert Hall is difficult to capture.

Many of the sculptures around town are of the same modernist school .

Around town coffee café culture is huge. This shop is said to be the oldest coffee shop, dating to the early 50s

Hallgrimskirkja took 34 years to build.  The spire is visible for 20Km.  The observation platform in the spire costs a small amount to ride to and those funds are used for charity.  A gray cement building in a gray sky.

That is our friend Leif in he front.

I am looking forward to seeing the natural wonders on tomorrows trip.  Currently I am listening to the movie "Ice Age II" dubbed in Icelandic.  It  is holding my interest for now.

The sun sets sometime very late tonight and rises around 3am.  My east facing room does not have blackout curtains.

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  1. That was quite a trip. Must admit I'm envious, especially the Cornwall coast where we've spent several holidays. I followed your posts as you made your way around and it was a bit like a walking tour of my own.