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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Like Here, Only Different ~ Walking London, Kew Gardens

Got a 9a.m. start on a perfect day.

It is a fast ride to Kew from my neighborhood in Russell Square.  It is a pretty quick trip to almost anywhere in London.

Through the Sunday Market, taking time to chat with the candy and cake vendors.

Kew is filed with greenhouses to explore.

Filled with plants of the world.

Outdoor lawns filled with trees plants and flowers.

Queen Charlotte's Cottage and the Bluebells of Spring

Nothing better than a picnic.

Everybody sunbathing, Peacock Butterfly

And Mr Peacock

Everyone singing, Robin

Feral parrots

Kew Palace, home of King George III when he was feeling a need to get away.

Such a back yard.  I spent five hours and could not see it all.


  1. Would LOVE to visit Kew Gardens! On my list now....

    1. To do it justice you really need two days..